Shannon Earl

I hated looking at myself in the mirror. It got so bad that I would avoid seeing my reflection in the morning until I had clothes on which was something else I HATED doing each morning. I remember thinking to myself as I squeezed into my size 40 jeans that I had NEVER been this big before. I was angry for letting myself get to this stage.

My problem had never really been snacking, it had always been my choice of meals. I would happily have a different takeaway every night of the week if it saved me cooking after work. But now I was tired, sick of looking and feeling the way I did.

I spoke to my partner (who had also gained weight) about it and we agreed to start looking at our options. We both knew there was no way that either of us would have the willpower to do it on our own. We then discussed getting a personal trainer and now enters the hero of our story…Jeremy!

Our first training was hard….REALLY hard. I discovered that I couldn’t do ONE push up and even on my knees, I struggled. I also couldn’t run on a treadmill for longer than 2 minutes without feeling like I was about to pass out. I was seriously unfit but after never having exercised or taken part in any kind of sport in my life (not to mention years of eating bad food) I was still surprised at how bad my condition actually was for a 28 year old.

We received our new food plan which I actually found surprisingly easy to follow. My previous eating schedule had been non-existent but with this, I felt like I was eating more throughout the day which really increased my energy levels.

Over the next few months, I found my whole mentality had changed. I was happier in myself and I had so much more energy. I started to look forward to training and I would enjoy going for 5km runs just to let off some steam…something I NEVER would have done 6 months ago.

I started being able to tell the difference between my mind telling me I couldn’t do something and my body telling me I couldn’t do something which really upped my game when I exercised. I would find if I ever did have a couple of “cheat days” at the weekend that I wouldn’t feel happy until I had worked out again and got back into my new-normal routine.

Which brings us to now. 6 months on and my size 40 jeans are all in the bin and have been replaced with size 34.

I am the happiest with my figure that I have been in my whole life because it’s one thing being slim but it feels so great to be fit as well. I can see muscles on myself now when I tense that I didn’t even know I had! We were always weighed by Jeremy each month at 19:00 which being just after dinner, was never going to be flattering but I started this journey at 76.3kg and at the time of writing this, weigh 59.9kg. My weight stopped becoming important to me weeks ago now as I have already reached and exceeded my goal. My new focus is to lose fat percentage and tone up and with Jeremy by our side…I have no doubt that I will reach that goal in no time too!